121 Training for your puppy or young dog is so important to help your puppy develop into a happy & nicely behaved canine companion. Training creates a solid bond between owner and puppy & sets good foundations for the journey through adolescence to adulthood.  Focus is on obedience training, teaching nice manners & preventing and correcting any problem behaviours that can crop up or may have already been established.

Included are (but not limited to)

  • Toilet training & crate/pen training

  • New routines & structure

  • Focus training (Reflex to name & eye contact)

  • Impulse training

  • Walk nicely on lead

  • Teach puppy to be calm - 'bed'

  • Creating positive experiences for puppy

  • Obedience training - sit, stay, lay down, & recall

  • Prevent or correct any issues of concern

  • Socialisation with other dogs & people

  • General advice & tips

  • Adolescence - what to expect

121 Puppy Training Session price £80 (1.5-2 hours)

Pre-puppy advice session £35 (via telephone or skype)

Additional 1 hour outdoor session in the park- discounted price £40

Contact Us anytime to book or for further details. 

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