121 Puppy & Dog Training

Training your dog or puppy from arrival in their new home is so important to help them develop into a happy, well-rounded and nicely behaved dog.  The formative weeks and months are the best time to get started, so the investment you make now into your dog or puppy's future, will reap many rewards for you both.


Our 121 training sessions focus on early learning, obedience training, communication between puppy & owner, preventing and correcting any problem behaviours and laying the foundations for a happy dog with nice manners.


The indepth session is 1.5+ hours and takes place at your home in puppy or young dogs own environment. A detailed training plan will be put in place for your exciting journey together & training videos will also be provided.

Included are (but not limited to)

-Reflex to name

-Owner & puppy relationship & focus on owner

-Crate training and toilet training

-Impulse training & teaching puppy to be calm

-Creating positive experiences for puppy

-Prevent or correct mouthing, chewing, jumping up & any other issues of concern
-Obedience training - sit, lay down, loose lead walking & recall
-Importance of puppy play times

-The great outdoors


-Heel training

-Socialisation with other dogs & people

-Training at home & outside 

-General advice

Session price: £80 includes bespoke training plan, ongoing telephone/email advice & follow up support.

Additional (indoor or outdoor) puppy training sessions are available at a discounted rate @ £50 1 hour session.

Contact Us to book or for further details.

We also offer Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp Video calls.

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