121 Dog Behaviour modification can help you to address things like: 

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive chewing & biting

  • Resource guarding (food, toys, sofa, people etc)

  • House Training

  • Barking (other dogs/people)

  • Lead Walking (including lunging)

  • Recall Issues

  • Fear aggression

  • Hyperactivity

Adolescence is commonly a challenging time for owner and dog, we can help with any behaviour issues which may arise to help your dog's development into adulthood.

We understand that all breeds learn differently, and our sessions will be adapted to your dog's particular needs. Our 121 behaviour modification is available to offer you the professional support to help you achieve your desired goals.

 Other training services offered are 121 Puppy & Dog Training.

Owning a well trained dog is hugely important so please Contact us anytime to discuss any of our services.

Behaviour Consultation 2-3 hours at your home

Includes behaviour modification plan & demonstrations

Plus a follow up 1 hour session

Emailed bespoke typed report

And ongoing support is always provided

@ £170


What happens during our sessions?

  • A detailed assessment will be carried out taking into account the full history of your dog. This will enable us to diagnose the root cause of the problems.

  • We will work through each of the issues in turn. You will receive clear & concise instruction on what to do, how and when, before we put it into practice.

  • You will be taught how to implement effective communication, using voice tone, hand signals and body language.

How Quickly Will You See Results?

  • Our clients usually notice a change in their dogs behaviour by the end of the first visit.

  • Once all the necessary measures are put in place, you will find that your dog starts to respond positively.

  • Provided you are consistent and take a few minutes to practice regularly each day, you will notice a definite improvement in their behaviour.

Any additional training sessions are available at a discounted rate

Here is our full Price List

We also offer Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp Video calls.

We tailor our training programmes to suit you and your pet!

Faith is absolutely wonderful and patient with my dog who definitely was a challenging pup. My dog had fear based aggression but now is transformed, Faith guided me through this difficult time and was so genuinely caring and pragmatic. Faith is super reliable for dog walking and my cocker spaniel loves Faith and going To the local parks with the other doggies. Maria & Sandy


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