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A Guide to Dog Walking & the Importance of.....

The best way to keep your dog, fit, happy & healthy is to provide a regular outdoor exercise routine. Regardless of age, breed or size, most dogs will benefit from a daily walk.

Dogs gain a great sense of environmental context & information about other dogs from sniffing whilst out on walks. Did you know that dogs have around 200-300 million scent receptors & the part of their brain devoted to analysing smells is a lot larger than ours. So even if you have a garden, which is great for your dog, daily walks are still important.

If your dog is a bit nervous on walks, go at quiet times & provide distance between your dog & the 'scary' thing (strange people, dogs). Be your dog's eyes & ears when outdoors. If you spot a 'tricky' situation in the distance, like an extremely hyperactive dog, or lots of noisy young children, you can always do a 180° turn and go the other way in order to avoid any potential negative outcome for your puppy or dog.

Puppies can be a bit daunted on walks to begin with, so offer lots of encouragement & it won't be long before the walks become the highlight of your dog's day! Establishing a walking schedule as soon as possible is key to your puppy's early learning & toilet training habits.

Try to vary the walks if possible, doing the exact same walk every day can become a bit boring for your dog & you of course! Even if this means just walking round the park or street in a different direction.

If dogs do not get regular exercise, this could potentially lead to anxiety & other behaviour issues, like hyperactivity, barking & excessive chewing. When a regular walking schedule is in place for your dog, you will start to notice the positive long-term impact this has on their behaviour generally.

And if it's raining, remember there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes!

Please contact Faith at for dog behaviour modification training or 121 puppy training or call 07941 640348. As pet professionals, we are happy to discuss our services anytime. Thank you & good luck with your lovely pet.

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