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Top Tips for Recall

Here are some handy training tips to teach your puppy or dog a solid recall. Not only for safety outdoors, but also off lead freedom in the park, field or on the beach.

Learning new things through training is fun & enjoyable for all ages, whether you have a young puppy, adolescent or older dog.

  • Spend a few minutes each day practising recall indoors (or garden) where there are less distractions. Excitedly call your puppy or dog's name & the cue word 'come', give a treat & lots of praise when they do!

  • For safety, when training outdoors use a long (training) lead - 10 or 15ft are good lengths. Once in the park, clip the lead to the harness, this allows your dog freedom of movement & you still have control of the lead.

  • In the park or garden anytime your dog 'voluntarily' comes close to you, reward with praise &/or treats.

  • Set your dog up to succeed - allow your dog to do the doggie stuff they love doing outdoors like sniffing & greeting other dogs. Calling your dog over when interested in something else is setting your dog up for a fail, pick the right moment (usually at the end of the walk) to practice recall for a higher success rate.

  • Make yourself a fun companion in your dog's eyes - engage with your dog on walks, make a fun game like chase me or ball & of course, always have the best treats available!

  • Become animated - dogs tune into our body language & voice tone so use a fun, excited voice to get your dog's attention and always offer lots of upbeat praise for good recalls!

  • Practice, practice, practice the recall often (ideally every day). An enclosed area like a tennis court is a great place for training as you can let your dog off lead & still safely practice your recall.

Learning a good recall can be challenging for your dog. When outdoors, you are competing with the environment for your dog's attention (all the wonderful sights, sounds & smells), so lots of patience is required.

There will be good days and bad days, don't be disheartened on the bad ones.....just start over again next time.

Revisit recall training throughout the different stages of your dog's life from puppy through to adolescence & into adulthood.

Contact Faith on 07941 640348 for obedience training or behaviour modification.


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