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Panda Pet Services Terms & Conditions

Training & Behaviour

My training and behaviour work comprises compassionate, science based, force-free methods. Harsh handling is not permitted.


I do not advocate the use of any types e-collars, prong collars or any other aversive techniques.


Aftercare package & continued support is always provided.  I am available post puppy/dog training & behaviour training for any owner questions or guidance.

Preferred communications for training are via Whatsapp or email.

Payments for puppy training, dog training & behaviour training sessions are due once the booking is confirmed & invoice has been sent.  Payment method is by bank transfer.

All training & behaviour bookings will be reserved up to 48 hours pending receipt of invoice payment.

Training packages are available for behaviour cases (up to 5 sessions).  For continuity of training/protocol, expiration date is 6 months from initial training booking.


Panda Pet Services has Professional indemnity Insurance of £100,000, Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 & Employers Liability cover of £10,000.000 with Cliverton, a specialist pet insurer.


Video & social media

Panda Pet Services may use any video footage as part of the business for demonstrations to other clients.

Panda Pet Services reserves the right to post photos & video footage of your puppy or dog on our social media business account pages.

As a duty or care, no third party videos or photos will be taken or posted on social media.


Panda Pet Services promises to prioritise the safety of your pet at all times in a professional & caring capacity.  No responsibility can be taken for any injury, illness, loss or damage, howsoever arising.

Thank you

Faith - Founder of Panda Pet Services

* These are the terms & conditions of Panda Pet Services. Once the client has employed our services, they will be deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions.

**Our terms & conditions are subject to regular updates.