121 Puppy Training

121 Training for your puppy or young dog is so important to navigate your puppy to a happy & nicely behaved canine companion.


In the formative weeks & months puppies experience rapid development stages & training creates great foundations for their journey through adolescence to adulthood. 


The session focus is on structures, routines, obedience training, teaching nice manners & preventing & correcting any problem behaviours that can crop up or may have already been established.


Kobe Puppy
Kobe Puppy




How we work

Included in the session are (but not limited to)

  • Toilet training & crate/pen training

  • House rules & boundaries

  • Early socialisation

  • Focus training (eye contact)

  • Teach puppy to be calm - 'bed'

  • Obedience training - sit, stay, lay down, & recall

  • Walk nicely on lead

  • Prevent or correct any issues of concern like puppy biting or excessive barking

  • General advice & tips

  • Adolescence - what to expect

  • Detailed training guide & videos

  • Free socialisation group dog walk in the park

  • Follow ups & ongoing support

The 121 session will take place at your home or online (by video call) as all training should initially begin in a low distraction environment.


Our Puppy Training & Behaviour sessions are also available by Video Call:

Facetime, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.

Our prices


- 121 Puppy Training (your home or online) @ £95 (1.5-2 hours) *


Other Puppy Services

- Outdoor park or garden puppy training1 hour @ £60

*If booking our 121 puppy training session the outdoor session would be discounted to £50

​- Pre-puppy advice session £40 (approx 45 mins via telephone call)

** see terms & conditions for payment terms


Our reviews

Google 5* review

We have recently welcomed our new cockerpoo puppy to our family and Faith@panda pet services has been fantastic. She has helped us enormously to develop good routines from the start. Faith has given us excellent advice and information on crate training, lead walking, nutrition and puppy development. She is always on hand if you need any extra advice. She has given us confidence and reassurance that we are doing a great job. I would strongly recommend her services. Kat owner of Kobe